Ресторан Aoduvan

The Luxury of Natural food

ресторан Aoduvan

Gastronomic Restaurant AODUVAN is located in the very center of Moscow
in a magnificent hotel mansion of Russo-Balt Hotel Moscow

Ресторан AODUVAN

Charm from the Art Nouveau era

Russo-Balt Hotel Moscow

It has a warm, lively atmosphere that creates the ideal setting for unforgettable holiday moments, gourmet food and wine.

Russo-Balt Hotel Moscow

Delight in every moment


 08:00 — 00:00


08:00 — 11:00


08:00 — 00:00

Гастрономический Ресторан AODUVAN

Set menu for two persons

  • Sea scallop ceviche with jalapeno peppers
  • Roast beef with lettuce and pepper sauce
  • *Goose liver pate with cherry jelly
  • Consomme and ravioli with turkey meat
  • Grilled paneer cheese with cranberry jam
  • Tagliatelle with duck ragout
  • Orange risotto with shrimps
  • Handmade sweets


The signature style of the restaurant is dishes prepared in the traditions of European cuisine based on products from the ODUVAN biodynamic project.

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Гастрономический Ресторан AODUVAN


The highlight of the menu is seasonal vegetables and fruits, meat, poultry, game, dairy products grown or produced in the Vladimir region on our own ODUVAN farm.

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Wine List

The wine list has been carefully compiled to bring together the exquisite taste of wines, the selection of which is given as much attention as the choice of ingredients used in the kitchen.

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